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Blogofile 0.6 released

March 30, 2010 at 08:57 PM | Ryan McGuire | categories: releases | View Comments

Blogofile 0.6 is released today. If you've been following along on github, you'll have noticed that there are more commits that have not made it into a release than otherwise. This is my own fault for not adhering to the Release Early, Release Often axiom. I apologize! I hope to be better about this in the future, in fact, 0.7 (and maybe even 1.0) should be right around the corner.

That said, 0.6 is a major milestone in Blogofile development and I'm happy to see the product mature as many people have helped out on the mailing list by giving great suggestions as well as patches.

Changelog (in rough chronological order):

  • Posts can now have arbitrary user-defined fields.
  • Added Controllers, which enables users to write their own extensions to Blogofile in userspace. Blogofile no longer has any intrinsic knowledge of what a 'blog' is, this is all controlled in userspace inside a new _controllers directory.
  • Added Filters, which enables people to write their own text processors, for example: syntax highlighters.
  • Easily debuggable in Winpdb by setting the BLOGOFILE_DEBUG=t environment variable. (this is equally usable by actual Blogofile core developers, or in your own user extensions).
  • Non-broken unicode support throughout templates and blog posts.
  • Lots of unit tests.
  • reStructuredText support for blog posts.

Thanks again to the many supporters of Blogofile!

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